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“The God of peace shall soon crush satan under your feet”


This is quite a powerful verse. God’s peace is a powerful weapon Rick Renner in his book Gems in the Greek really opens this up.

The word crush historically had the idea of smashing grapes into wine and it also referred to the act of snapping, breaking and crushing bones beyond recognition This same Greek word is used in mark 5 :4 with the Gadarene demonic where he he broke the chains and fetters that bound him to pieces. He crushed them to pieces.

The word soon or shortly is a Roman military term used to describe how Roman soldiers marched in formation. They were instructed by their commanders. “You are Roman soldiers lift your feet high stomp loud and let everyone know you are coming through town The stomping and pounding of your feet is the signal for everyone to get out of your way and if someone falls in front of you just walk right over them. Don’t dare stop or ask them to move It tells us the attitude we must demonstrate the next time the devil tries to get in our way or block us. Now remember the Roman soldiers used shoes that were spiked with nails on the bottom, so if a challenger stood in front of them they just walked over them and left them an ugly bloody mess. In Ephesians it’s one of the pieces of our spiritual armour. Our feet shod with the Gospel of peace.

The glorious truth is Jesus has already completely destroyed Satan’s over you through is death and resurrection power. Our mission is to reinforce that victory already won. The devil was smashed, crushed and bruised. Lift your feet and stomp and pound down on him hard crushing him under your feet and keep marching on. Don’t let the enemy try and lord it over you.

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