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We will be going into 40 days of fasting from the 1st of Sept until the 13th Oct. which is 6 weeks. The strategy is that we would have someone fasting every day for the 40 days. So please ask the Lord what length of time he wants you to fast. Example one day a week or a 3 day fast. A week fast or a 3week fast or even possibly a 40 day fast. The key is to ask the Lord and then please notify Rasela so she can see what days are covered. This is a whole church family event so I would strongly encourage everyone to participate. Fasting is biblical and is one of the spiritual discipline’s that can have huge spiritual impact on our lives. God honours and rewards those who diligently seek Him. The lounge at Kathryn and Raselas place will be available and set up if you want a quiet place to come and pray during these 40 days. Remember the best definition over the years I have heard for fasting is it’s a home sickness for God. Its desiring to give up something very precious to us because we just more of God in our lives and see breakthroughs not only in our lives and the life of Southside but also for our family and friends. I’m always excited when Gods people become serious about fasting because it means God wants to awake fresh hunger. He always responds to His hungry people who say I want more of God in my life.

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