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“…… you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in Gods household which is the church of the living God the pillar and foundation of the truth” 1 Timothy 3:15

I love this verse. I always remember one of John Wimbers statements from years ago when he said he loves the whole church warts and all he said he even loves the snake handling church in the one of the States in America. This verse explains his reason why and it’s why we need to have a love for the church with all its flaws and weakness. As someone once said there is no perfect church and if there was don’t join because you would make it imperfect. Like it or not the church is Gods household. And like any family household it’s full of floored people and some horrible stuff can go down at times buts it’s still your household your family. The word church never really appears in scripture. It was a made up Greek word that came much later It was originally translated community, or the assembly of the community. Its where Gods people assembled together. That how the brethren and AOG church got there name. The brethren assembly and the Assembly of God. It’s very sad but true never the less many believers who have left the church have done so because they got offended by someone and instead of working through the offence and being reconciled they have left Gods household the church of the living God and so it unwittingly stunts their spiritual growth. The older I get the more I love Gods church, Gods community. It’s the community of the living God the pillar and foundation of all truth. Everything God does in the world he does in and through His household. Wow how powerful and amazing is that. Falling in love with Jesus means falling in love with His household.

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