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Israel part 2

I feel to address the issue of Israel again because it’s the biggest topic in the news and the world at the moment and we need to know what we believe and how to pray affectively.

God made several covenants with Israel and some of these covenants were unconditional and so when God makes unconditional covenants He cannot break them.  The first unconditional covenant was with Abraham.. It was a promise to Abraham and His seed. It was the land of Isael. He said “All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever”

Read Isaiah 31:35- 36 as well. Never in Jewish history have the Jews possessed all the promised land so this has yet to be fulfilled some say in the 1000-year reign when Christ rules on the earth.

Then you have Davidic covenant. The promise was to David.  It promised a an eternal house, eternal throne, eternal kingdom, and eternal person. That’s talking about Jesus sitting on the throne of David. That hasn’t happened yet. When Jesus returns that will happen.

The last covenant is the new covenant. Which speaks of the National regeneration and salvation of Isael. Paul the Apostle talks about all Israel being saved and they would be regathered and crafted back into the true vine. They were cut off for a season so we the gentiles the wild olive branches could be crafted in. and then when that number is filled then Israel will be crafted back in That has not yet happened yet in its fullness.

Remember God is a covenant keeping God. He can’t lie or break His covenant promises. That’s why we pray for Isael and the peace of Jerusalem. Israel is the only nation in the world that God called the apple of His eye. That has not changed. Even in their unbelief and rebellion. We don’t necessarily agree with everything they do, but God can’t break His promises.


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