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“Awake north wind and come wind, blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread abroad. Let my lover come into his garden and taste its choice fruits” song of Solomon chapt 4:16

This is a fascinating scripture. The book of Solomon is a story of 2 lovers but it also what they call an analogy. For the Jews it also talked about the love relationship between Israel and God and for us it’s the love relationship between us His bride and Jesus our bridegroom.

Just like the four seasons in the natural there are seasons that God works with in regard to our lives and the life of the church. There are times of winter, autumn, summer and spring. The north winds are the cold winter winds where is testing’s, trials and dryness where nothing grows and everything feels dead. It’s a pruning time. We go through seasons like this in our spiritual walk with Jesus. The south wind was the warm spring and summer winds. A season of newness, new growth, refreshing and fruitfulness. He begins to blow his spirit upon our garden which represents our heart. He comes and softens our heart. God suddenly feels close as he comes and refreshes us with his presence with fresh encounters. Spring is on the way. I had the impression we are coming into a season of spring and he wants to come with the fresh rain of His presence. The fragrance is the fruit of the Spirit in our lives that he wants people to come and eat from and so be refreshed and touched by His presence through us.

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