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2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old has gone the new has come.”

 This is one of the 1st verses I ever memorized and its always could to come back to and remind us because it describes what actually happened when we gave our lives to Christ. Rick Renner in Sparkling Gems puts it so wonderfully (I quote) This verse decares you are a brand-new creature or creation in Christ. New means something that is brand new or recently made. It describes something superior. When Christ came into your life you were made a brand spanking new. The new you is far superior to the old you. You are so new this verse calls you a new creation or creature.  The word creation is the same word to describe Gods creation in the beginning. When God created the earth, he used no existing materials or old elements to make it. Everything in creation was newly made. Everything about you is new in Christ. You are not amended patched up, approved version. You are absolutely a brand-new creation in Christ. So, stop laying claim to your family’s genetic, problems, inheritable sickness, dysfunctional behaviour, disorders, hang ups, curses or anything from negative effects of your family and liberated from all former hang ups. When Christ came into your life, he created you to be free from the past from negative things from your family past. That old person no longer lives. He is dead. You are brand new in Christ in every way. Our biggest issue is do we actually believe it or do we still believe the lies about who we really are and what Christ has actually done for us. Remember our walk is the fight of faith. All those feelings are lies which are not grounded in who you are in Christ. Make this verse your declaration every day.


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