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NO little people or little places

This is a quote from Francis Schaeffer

“Each Christian is to be a rod of God in the place God has for him. We must remember throughout our lives that are in Gods sight there are no little people or little places. Only one thing is important. To be consecrated persons in Gods place for us at each moment. Those who think of themselves as little people in little places if committed to Christ and living under His Lordship in the whole of life may by Gods grace change the flow of our generation”

He was talking in the context of Moses. All Moses had to offer God was his rod or staff. That Rod became the rod of God in His hands. It appears through the whole story of Exodus. He used it to bring the plaques on Egypt. To part the red sea and to strike the rock in the desert to bring forth water. He goes on to say We all tend to emphasize big works and big places but all such emphasis is of the flesh. To think in such terms is simply to hearken back to the old unconverted egoist, self-centred Me. This attitude taken from the world is more dangerous to the Christian than fleshly amusement or practice. It is the flesh. Nowhere more than in the west are Christians caught in the 21st century syndrome of size. Size will show success. If I’m consecrated there will necessarily be large quantities of people dollars etc. This not so. Quietness and peace before God are more important than any influence a position may seem to give.

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